S&P & Moody's - 2 of the 3 biggest rating agencies (BUY / SP- 270/ M- 240)

The world's three biggest rating agencies are; Standard & Poor's, Moody's and Fitch. These three rating agencies together have a marketshare of 95% of the world's total ratings, and have "nationally recognized statistical ratings organization" status in the U.S. 

S&P, Moody's have listed stocks trading whilst Fitch is a private entity. Analysing the S&P's and Moody's stock performance over the years, one clearly sees that their duopolistic stance benefits them.

Since issued bonds, and other debt-instruments, by various financial institutions require credit ratings, S&P and Moody's enjoy a steady and stable stream of income due to the continuity and regularity of issued debt and the subsequent demanded credit-ratings to value. It is one of these reasons the stocks are both poised to continually move higher, as demand is stable.

Consensus EBITDA for S&P

Consensus EBITDA for Moody's

P/E= 31.8x  Moody's
P/E= 31x     S&P 

I would therefore set a target price of 270$ for S&P and 240$ for Moody's until the end of Q4, 2019.

Profiting strategies on the future developments surrounding the stocks are numerous;

1. Purchasing a deep-in-the-money call-options with a strike at 225$ for S&P and 175$ for Moody's, (with an expiry 1-1.5 years in to the future*) would offer substantial leverage. Basically entering a synthetic-long-stock position. 

2. Purchasing the stocks themselves.